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A Youth Captured InResponse to COVID-19

In response to isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Youth Action Council members invited all NYC youth to join them each week through what they named “NYCapsule,” a city-wide, youth-led, virtual space for NYC youth to work together in documenting their responses to COVID-19 through engaging art projects and discussion. 


All sessions were co-led by a Youth Action Council member who offered interactive activities that focused on weekly themes, welcomed visiting artists and cultural workers, and provided an opportunity to create art with accessible resources.


Participating youth met with visiting artists, activists, and civic leaders, including Aja Monet, Frank Antonio Lopez, Dr. Kathryn Ko, and Elise Peterson. Throughout the course of the program, the youth created art-activism responses that were then compiled into a collective video-concrete-poem and manifesto titled #ImagineAwrld. 


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