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No Longer Empty’s Youth Action Council (YAC) is a program for youth, ages 14-19, to explore the intersections between art and social justice, led by Curator-Artist-Educator, Augustina Warton. The program focuses on diversity, equity, and cultivating socio-political literacy and professional development, with all activities based on grassroots activism, communication, and critical thinking. This year, YAC began with a focus on the challenges and potential solutions within the topics of mental and disability justice. In response to COVID-19, the program pivoted to virtual meetings where the youth worked to specifically address the current pandemic through creating NLE NYCapsule.

Y.Ex Program Goals

​The curriculum for Youth Action Council is designed to be a youth-centered learning program that offers participants the opportunities and platforms to expand their critical thinking, civic leadership, potential as thought leaders, and empower their voices through:

  • Developing an understanding of their desired role within their communities.

  • Expanding their self-determination skills in social justice and political literacy. 

  • Learning to identify primary and secondary sources as tools for activism.

  • Understanding how to unpack and apply pedagogical frameworks and texts.

  • Planning community programs to address mental health and disability justice.

  • Cultivating community networks and dialogue that aim to build bridges.

  • Experiencing first-hand art activism strategies that can be applied to their programming

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